Electronic window on the surface showing selected cooking options and times.





A function that allows you to bake the dish until golden brown. The installation itself looks like a zigzag element (heating element) fixed in the upper part of the oven.





Specific heating of the chamber due to the replacement of hot air with cold air, which circulates through the inside of the oven with a fan.



Mechanical rotary switches


A type of oven control with mechanical rotary knobs, when scrolling through which it starts to work.



Mechanical recessed handles


A type of oven control with the help of mechanical recessed knobs, when scrolling, they hide in the control panel and the oven starts to work.



Oven volume


The value which means the amount of space in the oven and is measured in liters.





Convenient feature that allows you to set the time to turn off the oven, allowing you to set the desired cooking time.



Chrome guides (wire)

Wire guides are metal rods that attach to the side walls of the oven. They are usually removable, so they can be easily removed and washed if necessary. Wire structures are very convenient, because the baking sheet slides on them very easily, leaving no scratches, and is also firmly fixed.



Telescopic guides

Such structures are metal runners that slide out along with the baking sheets. This is very convenient, because you don't have to look into a hot oven to determine the readiness of food. Telescopic guides in the built-in electric oven can be made in several modifications: fully extendable at all levels; to be fully nominated only at one level, and at others - partially; partially extendable on three levels.



Easy cleaning system

This is the function of the oven to clean it. This is a special impregnation that allows you to get rid of dirt due to water. It can also be called hydrolytic cleaning, since the cleaning is done with water.




Defrosting food in the oven is carried out using a fan using room temperature or when it rises. At room temperature, the products do not change externally, and all the useful flavoring elements are preserved. This is ensured by the fact that the fan circulates the air in the oven around the food, ensuring even defrosting. When the temperature rises, you can defrost frozen food.



Mechanical timer

Mechanical electrical timers are standard time interval timers with audible alarms. They are similar in principle to electronic watches. This is a device in which the timing mechanism is driven by a synchronous or quartz electromechanical drive. The synchronous drive ensures that the clock runs with the accuracy of the mains frequency. The quartz drive system provides the timer with high accuracy, and the presence of an additional battery or backup battery allows you to save the set timer settings after turning it off from the network.



Digital timer



Digital electronic timers - programmable timers. The on and off times are controlled by the timer microprocessor. The timer is programmed using the buttons on the front panel. The main advantages of electronic (digital) timers is their accuracy.


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